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John S. Picarello

Leading With Grace

Your values form your lifestyle, which writes your life story

Grace & Truth
 Grace & Truth Empower Leaders to Empower Others
2 Timothy 2:1-2

God's Grace is Sufficient

It takes a measure of grace to lead and empower others, and it takes truthfulness to develop the self-awareness required to do so.


The Plumbline is helpful in testing for vertical alignment as well as verifying the depth of water. Truth as a Plumbline aligns us with our purpose with the depth of character.


The Moral Compass monitors the quality of character with our core values. 


Our core values guide us, shaping our character, and having a depth of character aligned with our designed purpose enables us to write a great ending to our life's story, thus leaving an inspiring legacy. 


Imparting to emerging leaders, the deposit of truth invested in us impacts future generations.



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Leaders need to be continually strengthened in grace

Paul encourages Timothy to “Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” It’s important to note that "Be strong" here appears is in the present tense which denotes a lifestyle.


Humble continue seeking more grace

Timothy is instructed to "be continually strengthened" (present tense) in the Grace that is only found "in Christ Jesus." We know that grace is undeserved favor freely given, it, therefore, must be received from Jesus Christ.


Good Leaders entrust the truth to emerging leaders

Timothy is a faithful leader and teacher following the tradition of Christ and his apostles. In this case, he was to "entrust" what he had learned from Paul to "faithful," reliable, and trustworthy emerging leaders. These leaders must be “reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (pass on what they’ve received), this requires grace from start to finish.

Moral Compass

The Moral Compass

“What we value most determines our level of influence” -JSP

  1. Truthfulness (Transparency, self-awareness, aligned with our purpose, measured by God's unchanging standard) 

  2. Love (Loving others and loving ourselves as we are loved by God, being honest and respectful with everyone)

  3. Joy-filled living (Being genuinely content and grateful for who we are and what we've been given)

  4. Harmony (Being in sync with the laws that govern the created order and the principles of stewardship)

  5. Patience (Forbearance, Demonstrating self-restraint with all people in all circumstances)

  6. Moral Excellence (Thinking, saying, and doing what is right in all good conscience)

  7. Generosity (Going beyond what is required - exceeding expectations without thought of reciprocation)

  8. Faithfulness (Being absolutely loyal and trustworthy in all relationships with God and others)

  9. Humility (Demonstrating quiet confidence with our strengths and honesty with our weaknesses)

  10. Self-control (Managing our desires, emotions, and behavior in all circumstances)


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