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John S. Picarello

Leadership Ethics

  • The John 15 Directives

  • The 16 Practices of Love

“What we value most determines our future level of influence” -JSP

"For me to live is Christ..." - Paul the Apostle (Philippians 1:21)


Without a balanced understanding of the sufficiency of God's grace in the lives of leaders and ministries, we accomplish little of eternal value. What influence the leader may have at the outset of his or her ministry will gradually begin to diminish. For the leader, Christ is both Plumbline and Moral Compass.


Leadership Ethics begins and ends in the presence of Jesus. Our journey begins with two programs, the "John 15 Directives" and continues with the "16 Practices of Love," both programs reveal our motivations and challenge our values. These two programs help us to produce the lifestyle traits of Jesus; we call the Moral Compass.


Using the instructions of Jesus from John 15:1-27 (John 15 Directives), in conjunction with Paul's instructions from 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 (16 Practices of Love), This study intensive including "The Moral Compass" is designed to reshape your thinking about the grace of God on your life, with the goal of establishing the biblical core values of Christ for greater Kingdom influence.


  The Moral Compass    

  1. Truthfulness (Transparency, self-awareness, aligned with our purpose, measured by God's unchanging standard) 

  2. Love (Loving others and loving ourselves as we are loved by God, being honest and respectful with everyone)

  3. Joy-filled living (Being genuinely content and grateful for who we are and what we've been given)

  4. Harmony (Being in sync with the laws that govern the created order and the principles of stewardship)

  5. Patience (Forbearance, Demonstrating self-restraint with all people in all circumstances)

  6. Moral Excellence (Thinking, saying, and doing what is right in all good conscience)

  7. Generosity (Going beyond what is required - exceeding expectations without thought of reciprocation)

  8. Faithfulness (Being absolutely loyal and trustworthy in all relationships with God and others)

  9. Humility (Demonstrating quiet confidence with our strengths and honesty with our weaknesses)

  10. Self-control (Managing our desires, emotions, and behavior in all circumstances)


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